The Course

Golf in one of the most historic and beautiful areas of Nova Scotia.


1st Hole

Fort View’s 1st hole is not a lengthy one but offers some challenges. Note that your shot up the right side will most times roll down into the fairway. But watch out for the pond just 125 yds off the tee on left. The large rock on the left just over a hundred yards from the green can cause you grief. A straight shot to start your round of 200 yds is something to shoot for.

2nd Hole

#2 although straight away, it is not without difficulties. The fairway slopes left to right and most wayward tee shots down the right side will find the woods. Left center is a must. Only the long hitters have a chance at hitting the green in 2. The green is guarded on the left with a bunker. Long is out of bounds. Approaching from the front right is advisable.

3rd Hole

#3 is a short hole and requires an accurate 2nd shot. The green, is protected by a green side bunker, and long over it will find you tall grass and trees. The green slopes from right to left so a shot landing left of center will roll off the left into the bunker. Be wary of fairway bunkers on the right and left that are hidden from the tee inside the 50-yard range.

4th Hole

#4 is a short par 3 with a green side bunker and an apple tree on the right. Long off the tee will create difficulties when chipping back on.

5th Hole

#5 is a dog leg right and with the fairway sloping left to right towards the hazard. Hitting a tee shot left center a must. 200 yards off of the tee is a good target to go for. The green is reachable for the long hitters but it is mere feet from the hazard so hit it straight.

6th Hole

#6. Straight up hill protected by a bunker on the right and mounds on each side. Due to its elevation 1 or 2 more clubs will be required.

7th Hole

#7. Straight away hole with the road on the right to add to your intimidation. A straight shot down the middle will ease one’s pain but be aware of the pond just short of the green on the left just 50 yards out.

8th Hole

#8. Short par 4 up the hill protected by 2 bunkers in front of the green. Stay straight and you’re in good shape.

9th Hole

#9. A long par 3 with green side bunker on left. Aim to right side of green but keep in mind a stray shot to the right could find a ditch down the right side of its fairway.

10th Hole

#10. A tough dog leg left which demands a straight shot off the tee. Hazard on the right so down the middle to the top of the hill is advisable. There is a ditch crossing the fairway at the 100 yd mark so long hitters going up the left be careful. The green is a tricky design sloping back to front so a long approach shot above and right of the green will test your short game.

11th Hole

#11 is a long par 5 uphill with a hidden green. Aim directly over the forward tee and be careful of the large signature rock just left of that tee. Your 2nd shot should place on the left side of the fairway to have a better angle at the green tucked in on the right side. Long over the green with your approach shot, will only find misery in a large waste bunker.

12th Hole

#12. A very short picturesque par 3 but don’t let it’s beauty fool you. Protected in front by a hazard then a bunker, with an oak tree on the right corner of the green. Good luck.

13th Hole

#13. Short par 4 with a slight dogleg left at the 100 yd mark. With trees down the left, off the tee, a shot down the right center will work best. The green slopes back to front and is protected by a large bunker on each side. The green is raised so long over the green will make for a tough chip shot.

14th Hole

#14 is straight away with an elevated green protected by woods to the left and a large tree on the corner. A right center tee shot is required and be careful to not go along with your 2nd shot. A chip shot or even a putt from above on this slippery downhill green can be treacherous.

15th Hole

#15 boasts a beautiful view from the men’s tee but will deliver heartache to anybody with an off-line tee shot. With a hazard and ditch down the right from the forward tee to the green, a straight shot is imperative. The green is receptive but a hazard behind and bunker on the right will make off line approach shots pay.

16th Hole

#16 is a challenging par 4. Dog leg left. An accurate shot down the middle of the fairway to the bottom of the hill will leave you a short iron up the hill to a flat green. But be careful of the incline. More club than you think will be needed.

17th Hole

#17 is Fort View’s toughest hole. A dog leg left that demands an accurate tee shot down the middle to set up for a 2nd shot to a small raised green. Unless you are a long hitter, golfers will be hitting a hybrid or fairway wood on your approach.
From 150 in, a hazard lurks on the left, with more hazard fun short and to the right of the green.
Straight as an arrow will provide your reward.

18th Hole

#18. Our finishing hole with a view of the Fort Anne in the background is short but tricky. The fairway is protected all down the left by a hazard and is a slight dog leg left. It’s all downhill to the green inside the 150 yd mark so be careful to not be too aggressive on your approach. Long over the green will make for a very tough up and down.
We hope you’ve enjoyed your round at The Fort View Golf Course. If you would like a refreshing beverage and delicious meal we would love to welcome you to the Founders House Dining and Drinks.